Les Dragons d'Argent

Chivalric Reenactment Company of the 15th Century

Les Dragons d’Argent strive to accurately portray the customs, traditions and atmosphere of the period, offering a true journey back in time to all who attend their events.

Inspired by chivalric values, our members uphold the virtues of loyalty, honour, wisdom and skill. They contribute to the discovery and appreciation of the cultural heritage of the Middle Ages, which continues to influence our times.


Witness epic battles

with the teachings of renowned weapons masters such as Johannes Liechtenauer, Fiore dei Liberi, Sigmund Ringeck, Hans Talhoffer and Philippo di Vadi.

We study and reproduce their fighting techniques faithfully through regular training. We are able to organise duels, tournaments and even major battles for the public and for the cinema.

Our expertise in scriptwriting allows us to create immersive and captivating events, offering an unforgettable journey through the history and art of medieval warfare.


Discover a 15th-century princely tent

lavishly decorated and entirely hand-painted, inspired by authentic historical documents. The elegantly furnished interior will immerse you in the atmosphere of this fascinating era.

Explore our museum in the large tent, where you can see carefully reconstructed armour and weapons, as well as a magnificent banquet table.

Come and experience history like never before!


Join us

Belgium, France, Luxembourg...

Join us now !

If you have a passion for medieval history, now is the time to join our troupe for an unforgettable adventure! We travel around Europe offering exciting performances where you can immerse yourself in the 15th century, visiting castles, wearing period armour and costumes, wielding authentic weapons and taking part in lavish banquets.

You will be trained by 15th-century weapons masters, gaining skills in the use of swords, spears and bows, as well as the combat tactics of the period. As an active member of our troupe, you will help to preserve and pass on the cultural and historical heritage of this fascinating period, while being part of a close-knit and passionate community.